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Al Muftah Rent A Car Completes 50 years in Qatar

The country's first car rental company celebrates 50 years in Qatar. Al Muftah as a brand in Qatar is synonymous with Car Renal just like how Hoover is to Vaccum cleaner or Kleenex is for tissues .

At a time when the roads of Qatar were barren , there were hardly any tall building , when the entire population of Qatar was a mere 30,000 - three individuals came together and set course for a new pathway in the Qatar's service and transport sector.

It all started when a group of Italian contractors set foot in Qatar for an Oil and Gas project in Dukhan and they were scouting the Doha roads for a Car Rental Company. They bumped into Mr K P Abdul Hameed and Mr A K Usman who offered to rent their own personal cars to them . Couple of years went by Mr Hameed and Mr Usman  juggled their day jobs and the part time car rental business , however when the demand rose they decided to incorporate the company under visionary leaderships of the Al Muftah Group Chairman - Mr Abdul Rahman Muftah Al Muftah

There was no looking back since then . Al Mufah grew organically into one of the largest car rental in the Region with  a wide range of fleet to suit the needs for every type of customer be it a weekend famlily rental or a long term lease corporate hire.

The brand's goodwill over the years has been established on the foundation of Trust , Transparency , Reliability and Flexibility and it has won various accolades both at national and international forums . It was adjudged  Car Rental of the GCC Region at the Dubai Hospitality Awards in 2018. It was awarded the Best Local Brand Car Rental Company for 7 years in a row at the MENA travel awards

As Al Muftah enters its 50th year - it's team is encompassed with the same passion and committment which engulfed the Founders back in 1971 and look forwasrd to another glorious 50 years


What we offer?

We offer a world class car rental services to people across the Qatar region through a user friendly online booking system. Apart from renting cars, we offer car with driver and also buses with various capacity. Airport transfer facility is also available.