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Do’s and Don’ts of car rental

 Whether you are a business traveler, a savvy tourist, or simply a local, you may need to rent a car to fulfill your transit needs as vehicles are becoming an essential part of our lives.

Return your car with a full gas tank

Most car rental companies around the world expect you to return the same amount of gas that you received when you left. If you don’t, a service fee will be charged. While most companies require you to pay a service fee for not filling the gas tank, some might not. So, asking your car rental provider will never hurt. 

A good way to get your tank refilled is to have a look at the route before you leave. Check out Google Maps, or Gas Buddy — another app that can help you locate gas stations near you.

Don’t choose the last gas station on your way back. There is a chance that this neighborhood might have a lot of traffic or you are unfamiliar with the locality. So, if you see a service station with less traffic, go for a refill.

Rent the right type of vehicle

There are plenty of options when it comes to car rental. Don’t be puzzled out there. The key to choosing an ideal vehicle is by opting for the one that completely satisfies your needs. If you are going alone and want your journey to be stylish, you can hire a chic coupe.

If you are carrying 4-5 people, going for a sedan is a good option, while if you have more than 5 people, opt for a mid-size SUV which can easily accommodate 8 people.

You can even book a minibus or a large van if you have a large number of passengers.

Book Early

If you are aware of your destination and calendar in advance, then avail the benefits of early reservations by booking your car in advance. By opting for car rental in advance, you can get cheap rates. Another benefit of renting beforehand is that you will get a lot of options, from large SUVs to modern sedans.

When you opt for same-day booking, you can encounter a few problems such as not getting the ideal car you want or the price that suits your budget. Early booking will give you plenty of options and will save you from a lot of inconvenience.

The ideal time for booking in advance is at least one week before your date. This way you don’t only get cheap rates, but you can also review the terms, conditions, and charges thoroughly.

Don’ts of a car rental

Rushing during the inspection process

Before you leave the pick-up location, take a closer look at different parts of the car. Many people are in a hurry to travel and they skip the inspection. These people end up paying an extra amount if the car has any damage or tear on the return.

You must conduct a thorough inspection before leaving the lot because car rental providers can hold you responsible for dents, dings or other defects if you fail to notice them during the inspection process. Carefully examine both the interior and exterior of the car and if you notice any damage or dent, don’t forget to get it documented.

Rental companies also appreciate you for noticing any damage beforehand, because sometimes even they are not able to detect a ding or dent.

Driving Recklessly

Nothing is more exciting for a car enthusiast than to sit behind the wheel and hit the road. Sometimes it may seem thrilling to push the limits of a car that does not belong to you. We would suggest you treat your rented car in your car. Risky driving will not only damage the car, but it can also put you and the lives of other people at risk.

While you are driving the car, you will be held responsible for any misconduct or damage. So, for the safety of you and other people, you must drive responsibly and gently. 


What we offer?

We offer a world class car rental services to people across the Qatar region through a user friendly online booking system. Apart from renting cars, we offer car with driver and also buses with various capacity. Airport transfer facility is also available.