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How to Rent a Car during COVID-19 Pandemic

Whether you need a car for your office commute or you simply want to travel within the city, no matter what your needs are, Al Muftah car rentals fulfill all the transit requirements while keeping your commute safe and secure during this Coronavirus pandemic.


If you are considering a car rental during this Covid-19 pandemic, read our article to know what should be done during these uncertain times.


Here’s What You Need to Know About Covid-19 Car Rentals

While many people are working from home, some people still have to travel to their workplaces every day. You don’t want to risk your life by travelling in public transportation or opting for rideshares. So, car rental offers a comprehensive solution for your transportation needs. At Al Muftah, we thoroughly sanitize each car before presenting it to our customers. 


If you are thinking to rent a car in Qatar right now, consider these things:


Don’t opt for valet parking. Always park the car yourself. Limit your contact with all outsiders

Keep the windows open if you can. In case you are using air-conditioner, activate external air circulation feature

If you are planning to cancel a reservation, check with your car rental provider. We, at Al Muftah, have relaxed our policy and we return the deposit to our customer if he or she chooses to cancel the reservation

Check the travel-related guidelines released by the Qatari government


Is it Safe to Rent a Car During the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Renting a car and then driving it yourself is definitely safer than many other forms of transportation. For instance, there is a big risk involved in using public transportation. Even online taxis have a bit of risk attached to them because you don’t know who had the last ride and what condition that person was in. 


What are Some other Precautions should You take When Renting a Car during the Coronavirus Pandemic?

You and the car rental staff should always wear a facemask. Before you pick up the car, call the car rental agency and ask them: what measures they are taking to disinfect and clean the car. Major car rental providers such as Al Muftah Car Rental ensure to sanitize the car after each use as mentioned earlier.



Whether you are hiring a car from us or someone else, your safety should be the biggest concern. So, don’t hesitate in taking disinfectant wipes with you. Clean the door handles, steering wheel, control buttons, key fob and any other area of the car which you are likely to make contact with.


We are thoroughly cleaning every part of the car that comes in contact with customers. Such as seats, steering wheels, door handles and other parts.


Skip the Counter

Avoid standing in a queue, so you don’t touch or come in contact with other people standing in the line. It depends on the pick-up location. If you are picking the car from an airport, you won’t get any queues. 


Don’t Pay the Full Amount in Advance

In normal situations, there is no harm in pre-paying the ride fee to get a deal or an offer. But this is not recommended during the Coronavirus pandemic because many car rental companies are not returning the amount if it’s paid beforehand. Paying later is the best option, so you don’t lose any money.


What we offer?

We offer a world class car rental services to people across the Qatar region through a user friendly online booking system. Apart from renting cars, we offer car with driver and also buses with various capacity. Airport transfer facility is also available.