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Monthly Car Rentals Qatar

If you are looking for monthly car rentals in Qatar, you can save on costs by opting for Al Muftah monthly car rentals. End the unnecessary hassles of public transport and move around with convenience and comfort.

Whether you are looking for enterprise monthly car rentals or want a vehicle to make the commutes of your family convenient — with Rent a Car Doha’s flexible deals and packages you can get around more easily.


Offering affordable monthly car rental services — we have an extensive fleet of modern vehicles which will fulfil your mobility needs. Our fleet of vehicles consists of contemporary vehicles from renowned brands such as Mercedes, Audi and BMW.

You can also rent SUV for a month, if you would like to go an off-road trip. You can also upgrade your car rental on monthly basis by including addons like a GPS, a child seat, an additional driver.

Why Choose Al Muftah Monthly Car Rentals?

No-Hidden Charges

We don’t charge a single penny if you cancel the ride or want to have some amendments in the package. All the additional charges are made explicit upon registration.

Attractive Monthly Packages

Al Muftah is among the best monthly car rental service providers in the country. Having the best deals and packages we assure you our budget monthly car rentals will never go heavy on your pockets.

24/7 Customer Support

We provide 24/7 support to our customers.

Enjoy different cars

You can enjoy different cars since you haven’t invested all of your money on one car.

Benefits of Monthly Car Rental

No Depreciation Worries

If you buy a car, the actual value of the vehicle starts depreciating from the day you buy it. On an average, a new vehicle loses his value by 25% in the first year and by the end of second year it depreciates by 17.5%. However, when you are opting for car on monthly rent, you are not the one who is worrying about the depreciation.

Drive different cars

If you are a car enthusiast, it’s tedious to drive the same car for years. When you buy your own vehicle, you don’t have much choice left. But when you rent a car for a month, with flexible contract terms, you can hit the road with a different vehicle every month. Who doesn’t like the luxury of picking a car from a large fleet?

24/7 Assistance

If you ever got stuck on a barren road at midnight, you know how daunting it can be, especially if you are with kids.

The risk of a breakdown is extremely low as our fleet consists of state-of-the-art vehicles. But if there is a breakdown, with one phone call, our assistance would be at your service to help you out.

After all the above-mentioned benefits, if you still want to buy a car, we suggest you to first test that car by opting for monthly car rentals.

A test drive is seldom enough to know if the car is right for you. Buying a car is a big investment and you already know that how much depreciation there is once you drive away from the lot. So, reselling the car should be the last thing that comes to your mind.

A better way to test the car is by renting it for a month or two. Not only you can evaluate the car more thoroughly, you have micro experiences that will help you decide whether you should buy the vehicle. You can calculate the real mileage, how its like to drive in heavy traffic or maybe how difficult it is to park the car in a congested space.


What we offer?

We offer a world class car rental services to people across the Qatar region through a user friendly online booking system. Apart from renting cars, we offer car with driver and also buses with various capacity. Airport transfer facility is also available.