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Short Term Car Rental Services (Hourly, Daily or Weekly)

Al Muftah offers extensive car rental solutions to meet all your mobility needs. From 15-seater and 45- seater buses to large-sized SUVs and compact cars, we have a broad fleet. Providing high-quality short-term car hire services, our vehicles are offered at competitive prices on hourly, daily and weekly rates.

There are many times where opting for short-term car hire is a smarter option. For instance, if you want to run multiple errands, catching buses or taxis would be a hassle. To keep it comfortable and convenient, you can rent a car for one hour or more and complete all of your pending tasks. From cheap 1-day rentals to flexible hourly rentals, Al Muftah Car Rental has great prices and packages to meet your needs.

Tourists can also opt for short term car hire services. Qatar is a country that is filled with exciting and stunning attractions, especially with mesmerizing cultural sites. You can rent a 4x4 SUV to go on an off-road adventure on the weekend. Or you can choose a sedan on a road trip that will last a single day.

From enjoying the sun in a convertible and impressing your special one with a luxurious vehicle to carrying gear and family in a minivan or large-sized SUV and driving a hybrid machine that’s eco-friendly — our large variety of cars have got you covered.

With our easy online booking system, discovering the amazing tourist attractions in Qatar - just one click away.

Why Rent Short Term?

Enjoy a getaway with your family or friends
Save great by opting for our deals and packages
Show up in style at the client meeting
Relief yourself from hard paperwork
Get roadside assistance and insurance coverage

Why Choose Al Muftah?

Al Muftah has been providing impeccable services to its customers for 5 decades now. We have won several awards for being the best car rental company in Qatar and the MENA region.

Here is why you should rent from us:

No cancellation charges or hidden fees
A large variety of vehicles from hatchbacks, convertibles, SUVs and buses
Attractive packages and prices
Insurance and roadside assistance
24/7 customer service

Benefits of Renting With Al Muftah

Even if you own a car, going on an off-road adventure or on a tough terrain wont be a smart choice with your own car as it may damage the vehicle. You can rent a car for the shorter-term and save your vehicle from getting any kind of wear and tear.

Ifyour car needs repair that may require a good amount of time. You can hire a car for a few days as an alternative. By offering for Al Muftah short-term car rental, you have the freedom to choose for a large fleet.

Short Term Car Rental for Businesses

We also offer short term car hire services for businesses.

Some benefits of renting with Al Muftah for corporate car rentals are:

Our network is spread all over Qatar
A large fleet that contains sedans, SUVs, hatchbacks, vans and many other; Affordable pricing and plans
A great alternative to owning a large fleet


What we offer?

We offer a world class car rental services to people across the Qatar region through a user friendly online booking system. Apart from renting cars, we offer car with driver and also buses with various capacity. Airport transfer facility is also available.